The Spiciest Chili I Have Ever Made

Soup months are the best months even if you mess up a recipe and end up with spice death-defying chili recipes on the weekdays. I tried to make the Tasty Protein Packed Chili recipe last week, and in my mental math acrobatic attempt to half the recipe to four servings, I made a fatal mistake….

Norwegian Porridge

If there’s a way of describing how incredibly delicious and satisfying Norwegian porridge is in one word, I would choose to use that word here. In the process of making the yummy split pea soup from last week, I was tempted (oh so tempted) to eat something thick and warm. Cue porridge. Porridge is incredible….

Prague in Winter

Over the weekend, I recently visited Prague – all of the photos made me super excited to take with the newest app of awesomeness (VSCO Cam). It was winter… and January, so I admit it was slightly cold – but entirely worth it!

Lithuania: Some words on Couchsurfing and Traveling

Anything and everything you would want to know about a winter trip to Vilnius, Lithuania- whether you wanted to or not. Thoughts on Couchsurfing included without restrictions. You may also want to brace yourself for some paragraphs on travel adventures.