Book Review: The Truth And Other Lies by Sascha Arango

Title: The Truth and Other Lies Author: Sascha Arango (Translator: Imogen Taylor) Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Suspense, German Publisher: Atria Books Published: June 23, 2015 Page Amount: 241 pages Goodreads Summary: Dark, witty, and suspenseful, this literary crime thriller reminiscent of The Dinner and The Silent Wife follows a famous author whose wife—the brains behind his success—meets…

Rolling Into November

Somehow, today is Halloween. I’m not entirely sure how a month of life has suddenly passed by, but there must be some sort of trickery at work. It is the season, right? It seems like it’s only yesterday that I arrived in Berlin, sorting out bureaucratic details and various memberships (perhaps the most German thing of…

There’s Germany… and then there’s Doctor Zhivago

Now, it’s logical to think that I have an excess of travel information to regal readers with about Germany, Cologne and German speaking tips. While that’s not necessarily false, I don’t have the heart to simply talk about German related things. Because on one hand there’s Germany… and then there’s Doctor Zhivago. If you’ve been…

Happy Monday!

Happy 4th… 5th and 6th from me! Here’s hoping that everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend (if you’re in the USA). Today I’m will be trying a new Monday routine. You can expect an outline for the upcoming week, some interesting posts I found over the weekend and an updated reading TBR list. Enjoy!

Another Country.

In case you missed it, I’m somehow out of America again. In Germany, and happily taking in everything I can from this amazing country and this fantastic culture. It might be the chocolate, and it might be the copious amount of tea and beer I’ve drank. It’s probably both.