Weekends in London

Remember how last week I was in my vibe of comfort and routine? That was definitely not last weekend. Sure I went to the gym and I slightly increased my attendance in yoga. But things changed as the end of last week rounded the corner. Not only did I realize I should be tossing my…

Visitors from Jolly Old England

Late in what seems to be a poor choice of routine, my post for last week comes up on the Wednesday of the next week. Sorry about that, yeah. But last week was exciting, overwhelming and I’m currently running on two shots of coffee right now, so forgive me if my fingers are slightly trembling…

The Streets of London

Like I said in my previous post, here’s a collection of my “street” photos in London. I absolutely love taking candid photos of street corners and buildings around cities, and London was (of course) no exception. If you’d like actual size copies of any photos – please contact me! Otherwise- scroll and enjoy.

Vampires and Dolls Under Waterloo Bridge

Like I said last week – I making it a priority to blog more and in that spirit, here I am! Back in my cold and cozy Berlin after a wild and fantastic weekend in London with my friend Rebecca! Save your grumblings, I know – I’ve been to London before and it’s not much…

Greetings from Berlin

Well, here I am once again moving locations (this time – to Berlin of all places!). Yes, I’m an almost-official Berlin resident until July of 2016… Isn’t that crazy? I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I live in the city that was once the epicenter of the Cold War. As…

Apologies and Food Photos

Dear Readers, My dearest dearest apologies for having been off the radar for over a month now. In all honesty, I am really sorry for leaving you hanging (especially since last month I was really getting into the vibe of weekly blogging). Learning how to live in Berlin takes some effort! So to prepare for…

Deutschland and Yoga Teacher Training

So it may have been a *ahem* few weeks since my last post, but I have reasonable cause for the delay… I’ve been busy. Since the 8th, I completed an intensive 14-hour-per-day Yoga Teacher Training in DC and I traveled to Germany to start my year abroad. Crazy right?

New Years in Not-Germany

As this blog does have somewhat of a travel component… at least when I’m feeling up to describing my adventures in a way that isn’t only palatable to my friends and I, I thought it would only be appropriate to have an ‘ending of traveling abroad’ post.

30 Life London Lessons

I have yet to write about two months in London. It’s actually embarrassing. Not that I consider myself any sort of “real” blogger, but I did hope that I’d have weekly updates on London life, what I learned, how I’ve changed (and I think (hope) that I have), and a bucket load of other things….