The Start of an Adventure Part II

Feeling attached to your brief stories is never a good idea… But somehow it’s happened twice with these ones. Adventure is fun to write and to continue it is even more fun! I hope you enjoy it : ) Here’s the first chapter thing: The Start of an Adventure Description: Louis leaves home to enter…

Trying Out Tolkien Part III

I’m still finding my writing legs I suppose, but I’m getting better (I hope so, Please tell me if I’m not!) at keeping up a ┬áplot line. This is part three, I’m thinking of making it a longer post since there is so much to talk about! Enjoy part 3, maybe Evan will actually get…

The Start of an Adventure

Just something I cooked up while thinking about long-winded adventure stories and heroes. Enjoy : ) Description: The beginning sequence of a long drawn out adventure (or something similar). We’ve got the classic young boy with his identity dilemma off to see the world, with a bit too much innocence to be useful

Trying Out Tolkien Part II

So because I was feeling rather attached to Tolkien yesterday, I figured I’d continue on with what I was writing in Trying Out Tolkien. Description: The apprentice returns from his assassination, only to have yet another task thrust upon him, this one assuring his almost certain demise.

Trying out a little Tolkien

Wow- first German post was crazy hard (not going to lie: loved it). But now is the time for some more English and I’m going to try something a little different. For those of you who know me, you know I either have a distinct long-winded tone or a very short and weirdly speculative reasoning…

Let’s Dig in Right Now… Dann.

So since I’m feeling particularly inspired at 2:45am in my room with a pot of coffee: there’s no time like the present! Description: Odd, short, and seriously concerning to read vignette about an assistant, a sniper, a flower shop and QUITE a lot of sass.