A Desk and a German

Wasn’t really feeling the German today… which is both a good and bad thing. Because it means I might be getting lazy, but I did really enjoy writing another English story that was actually happy. No sadness and no crying, just… actual happy endings. It was a strangely cathartic experience : ) Description: How a…

Trying Out Tolkien Part VIII

Fun times, this story is quickly growing to be my favorite. Do tell me how you found it though : ) Description: Now that truth is revealed, the past must be discovered.

The Start of an Adventure Part VII

Sorry this is a bit late… my bad. Trying the music thing again, but it’s raining and believe me, that is OH SO distracting. Anyways, enjoy (tell me allll about it), I’ll be off!   Description: Louis deals with the pain, the dreams, but can he deal with the man in them?

Trying Out Tolkien Part VII

This was beyond fun to write. I can’t wait to see what comes next! Do tell me how you found it (please and thank you) Description: Revealed (and yes, that’s all you’re going to get)

The Start of an Adventure Part VI

The music musing seems to be working.. for me at least! What do you think? I’ve always been a fan of dream related enemies, seems to give them an¬†omnipresent feeling (and that’s always a good thing!) Description: Dreams and an unknown enemy


Not really sure what this is, just a little something I cranked out and wanted to post. For a character background story or for something a little closer to home, your choice, but you know, out with it (*ahem* as in tell me how great/terrible/horrifying it is) Lovely, thank you, darlings! Description: Loneliness never really…

Trying out Tolkien Part VI

Quick overview for those of you who discover this: there is a category on the side full of these stories so you can catch. Please tell me what I can change, fix, or adjust, I’m still working on actually knowing how to write. But I’m slowly becoming more attached, which is really a good thing…

The Start of an Adventure Part V

Trying this whole listening to classical music as I write business… got to say, it does give you emotions to work with. And after watching the season finale of Doctor Who season 4… I’m already a bit emotional (so don’t mind all the crying.. sorry about that). Anyways, let me know! Description: Louis deals with…

The Start of an Adventure Part IV

I’m really trying to decide how I want this to work… on the one hand, who doesn’t love long drawn out adventure tales (which *ahem* this story’s first three parts are linked to on the side bar) but also, there are things to be said for a nice and succinct short story. Let me know…

Trying Out Tolkien Part V

And the story continues… For reference to older posts, there is now a category on the side for “Trying out Tolkien”. Let me know how it is and if there’s anything you think should/would/could happen : ) I’d appreciate it! Description: A companion or an enemy gained?

The Start of an Adventure Part III

Hope you strangers and friends are enjoying reading this as much as I enjoy writing it. Because let’s be honest here… I’m sort of in love with Bernard already even though I know just as much about him as you readers do. If you have just found this story, there should a link on the…

Trying Out Tolkien Part IV

I can’t tell anymore if this is still Tolkien-esque, it reminds me more of David Edding and his series of the Belgariad. But we’ll see, if you can’t tell, I’m really enjoying myself (fantasy has always been such a fun thing to write) Anyways, enjoy Description: What will the caravan hold for Evan?