While Abroad… (This one is odd, promise)

Some more random short stories (and this one is very strange, I promise) that I wrote while on a binge of stream-of-consciousness stories. So apologies in advance for what is probably one of the oddest, but still most fun, things I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing. Enjoy please 🙂

While Abroad… (Who’s Frightened Of the Dark?)

Not entirely sure if anything written here is the slightest bit good, but can you blame me for needing to do something while the train moves? Writing is the best way, by far, to pass the time. Oh also side note: after I finish preparing for my presentation in a few weeks and finish my…

Assassin and Therapist: Part VI

Last parts are always heart breaking, because it means I can’t really come back to the characters in the same way again. I have always found that writing a character is always like writing a bit of yourself. There’s always something lurking, or some emotion that needs a voice, and needs closure – that’s what…

Assassin and Therapist: Part V

Some fun training nonsense that, however annoying it was to write, was definitely necessary for the plot. 🙂 But Anyways… I suppose blathering on about nonsense doesn’t help when you’re ACTUALLY trying to read something. So, as per always, hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it.

Assassin and Therapist: Part IV

There’s something inordinately enjoyable about writing something you like. I should probably do this more. Because it’s the most fun I’ve had writing in a long time 🙂 (Been reading too many thrillers recently I think) Anyhow, enjoy reading on. And as much as I’ve enjoyed writing this, I hope YOU, dear reader, enjoy reading…

Assassin and Therapist: Part III

My new favorite story is coming along quiet nicely. I must admit, I’m getting attached to my characters… bad sign guys. It means the story might be wrapping itself around my heart. But as per usual, I do hope you enjoy the little piece as much as I enjoyed writing it. xoxo

Assassin and Therapist: Part II

The random fiction prompt continues… I can’t imagine what the poor people at the cafe thought I was writing about if they happened to look at my notebook. Oh well! Quite fun. I might have to start looking into writing more “Thriller” genre type things, because this is great. Enjoy!

Assassin and Therapist: Part I

In a short series called “The Assassin and Therapist”, I’ve just had a little bit of fun playing up roles usually reserved for separate worlds with an entirely random prompt. I’m not entirely sure how long it will be, or what the main plot line is as of yet. But consider it definitely going to…

Uncertain Start to a Story

Uncertain Start to a Story: And by start.. I literally mean about 190 words… because I love the idea and I have a plot idea, but I’m not sure if it’s any good. Do let me know if it sounds like utter nonsense. 🙂

Trying out Tolkien Part IX

Still trying to figure out what I want to end game to be, but at the moment, I’m loving writing about these 3 (so fun). Tell me if it’s terrible, please, I’d love to know ^.^ Bitte und Danke! Description: Hungover, the wizard, thief and arms-master go a-travelling

The Start of an Adventure Part VIII

Sigh, guys. I’m struggling to plan out a plot. I’m not sure what he’s doing out there. And the only thing I can keep doing is have him meet people and deal with the weirdo in his head. But ack! Conflicted! Description:  A confrontation and a pleasant experience that quickly turns sour