December Writing Challenge: Day 5

Prompt: „Call me Xavier, you will join me in the end, and you will be the last“ We’ll see where it goes… [Part 1] [Part 2]

December Writing Challenge: Day 1

I’ll go more into detail about how incredible and awesome Nanowrimo was this year on Sunday… but for now, what you need to know is that I have sort-of, kind-of  remembered that I really like to write. It’s easy to forget, and it’s not difficult to let yourself drift away from writing everyday – and……

Writing Day: March 31: Fluidity

So *ahem* mistake on my part was not posting a couple of days ago – the most recent part of the story. No excuses are coming to mind, so I won’t bother you with their annoyances, but needless to say, I’ll continue where I left off. Anyways: check out the Fluidity tag if you’re interested…

Writing Day: March 23 – Fluidity

Switching points of view again to Samantha! And onto the fourth part of Fluidity (check out the first three parts here). So far writing every four days has been a bit easier to do than three times a day, and mixing that with school and book reviews- let’s just say it keeps life interesting on…

Writing Day: March 19 -Fluidity

This may be a bit premature… but what I’ve decided to do (in leu of actually having to choose a topic for myself) is combine the two pieces of writing I did on March 3 and March 7 into one story. And to make following this a little easier than it is now, I’m going…

Writing Day: March 7

March 7 folks, and yes again – it’s writing day. No book review, No sir! Only good solid fiction writing, and NOTHING even suggestive of the reality you’ve so bravely and courageously left. But first:THE STORY of WRITING Anyways. Onward for fiction! (And possible something bigger)

Writing Day: Conmen and Art Forgeries

So as you’ve probably already read: I’m giving the whole doing 500 words pretty consistently again, except this time I’m making it not so frequent. This first one is pretty short and it’s just the introduction, I haven’t decided how long it will be (but hopefully it will continue), and it’s about two conmen and…

New Ideas and a Possible Story

Maybe it’s because I’m having a great time with my friends or maybe it’s because I’m traveling so much, but honestly – there have been so many interesting ideas that have been running through my head. Just in case you’re interested, or have any suggestions – let me know!

While Abroad (Promising Piece…somewhat)

So yet another piece written on a train here for your viewing pleasure. Though I’m not entirely certain if I’m happy with it… I’m happy with the way it sounds and it has a strange sort of tone that I’ve never tried before. But we’ll see. : ) As per always.