Breaking out of Monotony

The months of March and April don’t usually symbolize the happiest of months for me. It’s not that I associate anything bad with these months but… just nothing in particular. It’s not especially warm. It rains a lot. Generally these are the months where monotony begins to exert a bit of a drain. Despite that, this past month and this upcoming one are turning out to be full of incredible moments.

Do you know what confirmation bias is?  It’s a mental heuristic where you brain seeks out other facts and ideas that confirm your already existing belief. One of my favorite examples of this is horoscopes. You read and remember what you want to hear, what makes you feel good. Yesterday as I was scrolling through that infinite list of RSS feeds to find health articles that (yes) make me feel good – I came across a horoscope for March and April. Now normally I don’t click on these, but for this – I made an exception. Mostly because in the byline, it said “Leos… this is for you.”

Curse you Google analytics!

Nonetheless, I clicked on it and found that apparently for the last month and this upcoming one, anyone with the Leo star sign was supposed to be having the time of their lives. So I pondered. What had happened over the last month? I had returned from visiting my dad in Florence, Italy for a week that was as simply joyful as it was fun and beyond comforting. In Paris, I had met with my cousin and my aunt along with my friend Miranda. Thesis research was more than on track and I had been accepted to two separate conferences in Romania and Croatia to present papers. Hard work pays off. And confirmation bias, it’s a magical thing.

Because of course, once I had seen with my own eyes that things had indeed been going so well, I was confident that this would continue to occur. This led me to, perhaps radically, decide that I wanted to see my boyfriend in Cape Town in May. One of my new favorite mantras that has struck me is: if you have the means to do something that will make you happy, why wouldn’t you do it? There are excuses of course. Delayed gratification has its time and place. But we are all on this earth so short a time, why should you not do things that will bring you joy?

Whatever kind of monotony that these months usually exhibited has utterly perished. Instead, I can kind of understand why so many people like spring. If March and April are to be filled with seeing my most loved family members, close friends, and the love of my life – then sign me up.

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