Beginning my Masters

For some reason, I had always been under the impression that doing a Masters wouldn’t be particularly challenging. Oops. I’m only a week into my program and I’m positively delighted at how much work there is to do. There are theoretical readings that really challenge my world view, and thesis preparations that have already begun to get me thinking about what I want to spend 20,000 words writing about.

To put it shortly: I’m in nerd-academia based heaven.

It wasn’t until I was sitting at my kitchen table puzzling over what this one writer meant when they talked about the development of international law language that it clicked for me. I love school. But most of all, I love the structure and readings that come with it. Maybe that makes me a nerd and complete dork when it comes to my studies. Sitting here staring at my notes and trying to make sense of what some theoretican thought 10 years ago isn’t boring… it’s amazing! Now that I get to study exactly what I want (and I do mean *exactly* to the letter) – all of the assignments and normally boring readings don’t fall by the wayside. I am seriously excited about what I get to learn here.

Beyond the actual substance of the studies, I’ve finally found a new yoga studio, and attached myself to the idea of finishing the planning section of my thesis before the end of the semester. Yes, I do realize this is a bit ambitious. I also realize I’m working part time for a law firm, editing yoga blogs, writing a *lot*, and have just taken one more responsibility for research projects at my school. But starting school again has been more than just me “starting school.”

Instead, it sort of feels like I have my life back on track. Of course things will be changing in the next year. My long term boyfriend will move to the Netherlands and we’ll move in together. I’ll complete my degree and start working and hopefully figure out what exactly makes me happy to do. Hopefully I’ll also figure out long-term plans for what comes next. Written down, it seems like a lot more than I think it is. That’s always the case.

This past has been invigorating and even so, I find myself engaging in a lot of self-reflection. How does one decide what to write a thesis on? Let me tell you: one of the factors I was not expecting was commitment. Committing to an idea that I want to study and research for at least four months. I’ve always thought myself a committed individual but the process of even choosing just one question was difficult enough. Sigh. But now I have it and the process of planning and theorizing begins. As it is with all research projects. I’ll see you on the other side of the hours of whiteboard planning.

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