The Binge Continues…

Much as I want to deny it, having a good guilty-pleasure series in my hands makes my reading life much more interesting. My Harry Dresden binge, which has been on a full-fledged sprint since December, has rounded into Book 13 Ghost Town. That means I have three-ish books left in the entire series and I am again left to wait with the other plebeians for the next book.

This is what it must feel like to break O’Neal’s razor.

Let me explain. Jeff O’Neal is the co-founder of Book Riot, one of my favorite book blogs. On the podcast that he hosts with Rebecca Schinsky, the two spar about books, the publishing industry and a thousand other things. But one of my favorite things about the podcast is when they talk about O’Neal’s razor.

What is O’Neal’s razor?

Basically it’s the fact that Jeff refuses to read books until the series is complete so that he doesn’t have to wait for any new books to come out. This negates series like Game of Thrones and other huge science fiction-fantasy series that otherwise would be in his wheelhouse.

On the other hand, I *ahem* am not as good about this strategy. And when the amount of books in an unfinished series rises to something insane like 15 – the blowback from O’Neal’s razor is all the more so.

So yes, the binge continues for now – but pain and suffering to come to me when I finish these three books and am left out in the cold rain like the Tenth Doctor.

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