Overly Obsessed with Harry Dresden

Despite my efforts to the contrary, I can’t seem to read anything other than the Harry Dresden series. I promise I’ve been trying. Every night I sit down with my Kindle and think, “tonight is the night.” And every night, I end up reading a half of the newest Dresden Files. Is it an addiction? Perhaps.

This strange part of me feels the need to explain why there hasn’t been my normal string of book reviews in line with this series. After all, I’ve done the same with a few other series. But the problem with doing that with Harry Dresden is that… I can’t possibly imagine being able to review what’s happening in each new book without ruining some sort of build-up that’s occurred in the previous ones.

It’s not the spoiler aspect per say. More… it feels like I’d be letting down the very nature of how Harry Dresden develops as a character if I tried to compartmentalise his growth in book-shaped pieces. And in all honesty, I’m very much enjoying the purity of reading a book simply because it’s well written and really *really* good.

Too bad the TV series is a piece of absolute trash. Or I’d be binging that too.

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