Did You Know January is the Least Productive Month of the Year?

Even though New Years would have us believe otherwise, it takes most of us – myself included – a full month or so to really remember where any of our motivation went. As it enters the third week of January, I’m the least surprised to learn the January is apparently the “least productive month of the year.” It’s dark and cold outside. And despite what doctors say, post-holiday hangover is a real thing.

Much as I’ve tried to write and exercise more this 2018, the motivation has simply been lacking. There are the occasional good days. Today and yesterday, for example, I worked out for the first time in a week or so. Cue shock and awed gasps. I even wrote an article this past weekend about Ukraine and spent an innumerable amount of hours editing podcast content interspersed with grant research.

It surprises me too.

I know we can’t be expected to be productive all of the time. As humans, we naturally have to space out our times for relaxing and productivity. Otherwise, we would work ourselves to death. So why is it then, that I have been practically itching for things to do? During the holiday season, I socially exhausted myself and worked on a dozen things I didn’t need to do. This was all in the hope that I could relax in January.

Here we are: it’s January and I am antsy. Classes for my Masters program don’t start for a few weeks yet but I have applied for any number of additional internships and programs that I most likely won’t have time for. I spent afternoons writing for newspapers and seeking out work from anyone who will listen to me. Surely my body needs more rest?

Paradoxical is the word I would use to describe the situation at hand. My whole being, every part of me craves more work. And yet my motivation to actually work out, write and complete the tasks I set myself for New Years goals is lacking? How is it that these two things can be simultaneous?

Luckily there is always baking, traveling and the glorious art of making spreadsheets that keeps me going in the morning.

If you’re interested in reading some of my other work I’ve published this week, you can indulge my inner writer by checking out:

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