Less Than a Month to Thanksgiving

I’m staring blankly at the wall waiting for my body to consume the caffeine it needs to function. Waiting… Waiting… Random thought, did you realize it’s less than a month till Thanksgiving? By far, it’s my favorite holiday of the year. Why? Besides the absurd amount of cooking, it’s one of the few times of year I get to spend time with a large portion of my family. What is even odder is that in 18 days, I’ll be flying back home to the States. Weird. I haven’t been home in almost a year.

Home makes me feel safe. I’m reminded of the days where I had a solid support system and the absurd confidence that my five-year plan was attainable and reasonable. On the other hand, I’m also subject to this terrifying rush of fear, that if I fail or something goes wrong, I will end up back there. Dramatics, I know. Of course, you can’t forget culture shock. I used to think culture shock was a joke, one that didn’t really matter. However, the last couple times I’ve been home – I have felt, for lack of a better word, out-of-place.

You don’t feel quite comfortable in your adopted home, and you’re still fitting in your old one. It’s really the perfect scenario, I know. So I’ll be looking forward to that, and wondering what new shocks there are to come. Then again, dealing with the ever-increasing laundry list of items to do is always a good distraction. I love my lists and I love having things to do. This Monday, though, I’m feeling like a good cup of tea, a movie, and an early night filled with the best kind of sleep. Fingers crossed I get it.

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