October Spooks

I wish that the month of October went on until Thanksgiving and then we were caught in that weird in-between time of late autumn for a year or more. It’s that magical time of year where late Sunday afternoons are spent sipping tea half outside on a balcony with the remnants of your heating warming your back. Warm fuzzy blankets. Bundled up coats and jackets with scarves pulled up to your nose. Shivering in the brisk morning air as you climb gingerly on your bike. Fragrant soups and toasted casseroles. Just cold enough to see wisps of your breath if you breathe with enough force.

It’s enough to make any girl weak at the knees.

The dying trees and dark morning somehow bring me perspective about how I want to spend my time. Sometimes it’s dragging myself to yoga or the gym at ungodly times, and often it’s sitting at home surrounded by warm drinks, a kilo of chocolate and a funny television show (more often the latter of the two). Either way, I am the happiest of autumn campers. Today I realized that there’s about a month standing between me and the end of my internship at the Court, not counting Thanksgiving vacation.

If I’m being honest, it feels like taking a bite of bittersweet chocolate. I really love my work and that knowledge that I’m making a difference in helping people get the justice they deserve makes me excited to come to work in the morning. After months of trying to find my footing, it feels balanced. My life is, for lack of a better word, pleasant. I have a few friends, enough to stave off loneliness when it comes calling. On the bitter side, there’s my… living situation. If you are on the lookout for a Dante-esque hell where construction workers never leave and your roommates seem to think that one never needs to clean the stove after splattering oil, I have the perfect  real estate offer for you. Just when it seems life is settling down, it’s time to move again – time to adapt and switch “on.”

Adulting is harder than it’s portrayed in the books and movies that I consume. Sometimes I just want to curl up in a ball and ignore everything I have to do. Luckily, that’s what Sundays are for. But here at least, it’s a blustery Monday morning and I have lost my scarf in the work cafeteria. So I’m going to handle that problem first and move on the rest as it comes.

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