The Urge To Wax Poetic

As I’m writing this now, I’m still in the Netherlands. In fact, I haven’t even yet stepped out to the airport. But by the time you read this, I will be enjoying the sunshine in Porto with my friend Jess on a much needed weekend vacation. It’s been some time since I’ve written a narrative-style personal post and in all honesty – it always feels a bit weird stepping back into a storyteller actor role speculating on my own life. What is happening that is so incredibly interesting that I feel the need to wax poetic?

In three words: not that much. I’ve found myself recently filling my life up with things to do, a never-ending list of hobbies, friends to see and tasks to do. Take my calendar/to-do list – it’s practically bursting with items that need to be checked off and crossed out. And yet, we’re in my favourite self-reflecting season of autumn, the quiet season. So I’ve taken a step back and a breath.

Autumn is my most favourite time of the year mostly because it’s when school started for me as a child. September and October were the months where I got to fill out books and exercises to learn new languages and histories of long-forgotten places. That’s not to say I don’t feel like I’m learning a lot now. I spend so much of my time at work learning about how to navigate legalese and first hand how cruel people can be to one another. But now that it’s becoming greyer and colder, as always I find myself drawn back to books, writing, and to the baser things that make me happy.

That’s partially why I’m going on this trip. Traveling is something I adore, and exploring a new place quietly with a book in hand and walking shoes dabei is the best way to spend a weekend. It really does bring out the introvert in me. The peacefulness of walking through an airport where everything moves around at faster speeds with itineraries burned into their minds- it’s a welcome sensation.

The day of traveling before its really begun, that is maybe my favourite kind of day – and where I am now. The skies are grey and my mind is mentally checking off all of my packed clothes, cringing as I realize I’ve forgotten a purse, and remembered for some reason my perfume that I rarely wear. I’m drinking massive amounts of water to pre-empt that in-flight dehydration, debating how many jumbo-pack Cadbury chocolates I’m going to buy. We’ll see. For now, I have some work to do, a French class to take, and ten million other little things – but I’ll probably just have a coffee with a friend instead. Ciao.

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