New Books (Just Two)

I’m normally not a huge fan follower of big books coming out. In fact, the only way I keep up with my book news is by following Book Riot or being exceptionally obsessed with an author (Neil Gaiman for example). It’s rare I find the top 40 books on display at Barnes & Noble on my radar – but chance has struck. I’m currently frothing at the bit to read two new thrillers, one of which is already out and the other which is out a couple days ago. I’m talking, of course, about Legacy of Spies by John Le Carre and The Girl Who Takes An Eye for An Eye by David Lagercrantz.

Thrillers aren’t usually my top beat, but I have to say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of the Lisbeth Salander novels as well as the George Smiley tales. Even though I’m technically still in the middle of All the President’s Men by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward – I can’t help but mildly be freaking out that these two new books are out. There’s no Barnes and Noble in the Hague, so immediate gratification is out at least for the present moment.

Luckily I travelled to Oslo for a weekend conference and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t comb Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam for copies of these two latest hits. I’ve read now both books and what I can say is I have a desperate need to write reviews as soon as possible. Keep your fingers crossed for further awesome book obtaining, and I’ll be singing their praises all too soon.

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