Real Life Photos of Single Food Life

Living alone offers many benefits. Key point: you’re alone most of the time. You don’t have to share your chocolate stash; laundry can happen sometimes never. You can play music loudly and eat what you want. What it isn’t conducive to, however, is cooking photogenic meals. These days I find myself cooking practically – i.e. making meals that aren’t necessarily pretty, but satisfy my two main loves: vegetables and protein. While normally that would make me very happy, I am supposed to be a food blogger. That’s gone unquestionably belly-up.  I will continue to try and make beautiful meals to photograph from all angles next week. This week is dedicated to attempts of my photography of “single food life.” Enjoy foodies!

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  1. When I was single I basically lived off apple slices and canned soup. I hate wasting food and I also hate doing dishes. So your single cooking looks way better than mine ever did! I was also a LOT skinner back then, haha!

    1. Gabriella says:

      Let no one say anything against apple slices ^^ and haha thanks! I always have photographic ambitions but then I get so hungry and can’t be bothered to make it look nice when I just want to eat

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