The Most Normal Week (aka Best One Yet)


At first, I didn’t expect last week to live up to anything special. Nothing particularly stuck out, or at least in its totality, it was like any normal work week. But as I’m looking back now, I actually had a lovely couple of incidents.

Who would have believed it (Hint: Not me) – that I attended an hour-long lecture on war crimes – and I found it really interesting. Other news – I am slowly researching ways of staying here for good, ridiculous after a month, I know. But I can’t help it. I love it here. Every day I go into work and I feel like I’m making an impact.

That’s huge for me. I mean, incredibly huge. I’ve always wanted to do something worthwhile or important, but have never quite been able to figure out what. And this, working on war crimes cases – even though right now I’m pretty limited to doing data entry, it makes me feel like I’m helping, that I’m actually passionate about what I’m doing, which is all I could ask for. So now I’m left with the question: what comes next? Do I go back and finish and MBA I’m not invested in? Do I start looking for ways to stay working in an NGO or other UN organ? Or do I go back to school and get an MA in Criminology? ….Yeah, I have no idea either.

It seems like life is a continual struggle to make choices. Sigh. One choice I did make last week was to become yoga and meditation accountability buddies with my friend Steph. We’ve both been complaining about how we haven’t been able to get ourselves back into gear so to speak – so now we’re using the Habitshare app to mark how often we do things, and I have to say – Day Three and we appear to be doing alright.

As for Sub-Stances, we posted a lot this week. We’ve uploaded a new interview with Celeste Stassen about Afrikaans, an Expat-roundup about 4th of July, American recipes, a “10 Things You Didn’t Know About America” post and a whole quiz about government systems. What more could you ask for?  Perhaps you have to be a bit of a nerd to love it, but it’s so much fun making content and working with my co-founders. They’re all such passionate, smart and driven women – and to be around them makes me more inspired to be a better version of myself. Or at the very least, a more accountable one.

The weekend though, I think was the best part of my week. Surprisingly I socialised (gasp). I went to a yoga course, worked a lot on Sub-Stances, made a healthy brunch for myself and I feel really good. That’s probably from doing yoga… but I’m attributing it to the whole week and weekend – thank goodness for weird restorative classes and meditation.

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