Experimental Brownies


In my very humble opinion, the best part about cooking is that you never know what can go wrong. Perhaps you don’t realize there’s no baking soda in the kitchen until too late or you let that sweet potato sit for too long and now it’s more like sweet potato mash. It’s practically the rule of cooking that if something can go pear-shaped, it will. This past weekend, I wanted to make brownies to bring to work for Fourth of July. We all have our basic brownie recipe, so come the 3rd – I confidently walked into the grocery store to pick up some eggs and cocoa powder…. not realizing that I can’t exactly pick that up at my usual Albert Heijn.

What now?

My solution: buy brownie mix, a large jar of chocolate spread (No, not Nutella – actual chocolate spread), additional butter and walnuts. Because despite box mixes being something devilish and horrid, they do taste good and they do make excellent brownies. So what did I do? I mixed together the brownie mix and water as instructed and added a full cup of chocolate spread, half a stick of butter, sea salt, and coarsely chopped walnuts to the mix.

End result: Holy crap, these actually taste incredible.

I’m fully aware that if you add enough butter to anything – that it will turn out delicious – but whew – those brownies were on top of the world. I got compliments that they tasted like “her grandmother’s brownies,” and that they were “utterly decadent.” When asked for the recipe, I slyly kept my mouth shut and said it was a secret – and it will remain so… a trademark Gricius family secret.


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  1. This is how baking in my kitchen usually goes too!

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