Is There A Limit to How Many Stroopwafels You Can Eat?

Answer: No. There is no limit to the amount of stroopwafels you can eat, as long as you do it in the Dutch way. What does that mean? The locals here have a saying: “God schept geen mond, of hij schept er ook brood.” Or in English: Try not to worry so much about the future. I take that personally to mean that I can eat as many stroopwafels, and as many scoops of gelato as long as I don’t think about tomorrow. Damn. I’m a big planner and thinker of tomorrows though -aren’t I? No unlimited stroopwafels for me.

In light of how much I feel like I’ve been doing, though, unlimited caramel waffle cakes probably would be a task too high. Since last week, I have been on the move both literally and figuratively. I’ve acquired my bike for easy commuting access, established a workout and yoga routine, and given pole dancing a try. Yes. You read that right. It was… surprising. During class and right after, I didn’t feel sore or that the so-called physically challenging part of pole dancing was too bad. Come Saturday morning and I was hurting. Big Time. So naturally I’ve signed up for one class a week because instances of difficulty mean you are headed in the right direction.

Post Bike-In

Biking this week was also insanely challenging. The Hague was hit with lots of rain. I mean LOTS of rain, hail and wind. Naturally, I thought this meant I needed to bike to work and tough it out (which I did). Then I realised I didn’t own a poncho. Luckily, I just brought changes of clothes and that was that – but whew. Talk about a damp week.

In terms of moving figuratively, I’ve been hard at work (of which I can naturally say nothing) – and learning all about my case. It’s so incredibly interesting and fascinating that I wish I could say everything and more. Alas confidentiality! Having a work schedule though, has meant that I have gotten my game back on meal planning. While this means my Thursday posts will no longer be “as” interesting, they will be healthier and easier to cook for everyone involved.

On top of everything else, I also found out I had lice last week. Shiver. Thankfully they have clinics for that now. I dealt with the issue, laundered all my clothes and stayed at a hotel because I am a drama queen. On the other hand, I am also a now lice-free drama monarch. I’m trying not to focus inordinately on that, but it’s a little difficult whenever I feel the slightest itch, I smack my head and twitch.

Oh well. What’s dealing with lice when I get to see Jim tomorrow. That’s right. I’m leaving tomorrow morning for Cape Town and I’ll get to be with him until the 20th. I am so incredibly impatient that it feels like I’m chomping at a metaphorical bit. One more dawn. One more day. One day more (No I am not listening to Les Mis – stop judging).

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