The Art of the Settle

Whenever moving accommodation is involved, I am inordinately focused on one thing: settling in. Hauling luggages and bags doesn’t matter to me as much as putting everything in an appropriate spot. What do I mean by that? I want to move my workouts to a time that’s suitable for my new routine. When should I make time for yoga? Should I continually try to see if I can “morning run” or just give up the idea as a failure? Where shall I put all the pictures of my friends and family up and my wall?

Perhaps a better way of describing what I mean is to make an analogy. I want to be like a beaver and create a dam by carefully placing sticks one by one into the most comforting and sturdy positions. Over the past week, I feel pretty secure in saying that my dam is beginning to look a bit like home. I moved into my new flat on Wednesday and started work on Thursday. The new kitchen has (yes) finally been used and I’ve acquired a bike for my daily commuter needs. Notebooks and toiletries have made their way to my desk and into somewhat familiar clusters.

I’m a pretty happy camper. Even though it’s only been a couple days, work has been everything I wanted. I love being in an environment where I am very much not the smartest person in the room, and every hour feels like learning, excitement and extensive nerd-out moments. I’m allowed to bring our own lunches to work, which lets me cook healthy meals and eat extensive snacks on the side. We’re required to take an hour lunch and there is a gym that is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. I feel pretty lucky to be able to work in such an interesting, multicultural environment.

This week, I also got added to the Featured Authors site on Bad Yogi. Yay! On the side of Sub-Stances, we’ve published our interview Part One with Nerissa about Brexit and the importance of voting.  Maybe I am a little bit bias, but it’s a great episode. Sub-Stances continues to post super interesting articles, and we’ve come out with a monthly newsletter (our theme this month is Africa: A Continent, Not a Country) – so if you’re interested in subscribing, send me a quick email and I’ll add you to our exclusive list. Yes, I just said exclusive. Let’s all pause a moment to reflect on that.

Now. I leave for South Africa in 8 days if that’s even possible. I’m a weird combination of excitement and nerves about seeing Jim, who I haven’t seen in person since January. I know we text and chat probably to an unrealistically high extent, but to see him in person again gives me such a rush, I can hardly describe. I’ll have to try and work it off with biking. One of these days I’ll finish my paper for the Oslo ECPR Conference on Intergovernmental Fuel Banks – I am making progress… slowly yet surely.

It seems like I have so much content this week – and it feels like I haven’t even touched on so many different things I want to say. I’ll have to save it for another week – but for now, I’ll remain your somewhat reliable blogger from afar.

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