May Day Celebrations!


Last weekend, Berlin celebrated May Day by protesting as per tradition. While it’s not citywide, protests are pretty common throughout Kreuzberg and across Europe. Granted, there wasn’t any bombs thrown (thankfully). But to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t focused on avoiding protests or angry Germans. My friend Shruti was visiting for the weekend, and I am beyond exhausted. Last week was full of schoolwork, yoga coursework and showing my friend the underbelly of Berlin. Whew I am exhausted.

Internship preparations are in full swing. It seems crazy that I’m planning on leaving in just over 20 days. I haven’t booked accommodation or flights yet (and I’m slightly growing more and more concerned). Not that I won’t get around to it… but life is changing quickly. In my opinion, change is good. I get to download Duolingo, learn some Dutch and open up into an entirely different country.

That’s not to say I haven’t been getting my normal list of things done. In an obnoxious self promo – I”m sharing my posts that I’ve written for Bad Yogi:

And those are only a few. I will restrain myself at four articles, but I’m actually somewhat proud of being a fairly normal writer for Bad Yogi. Blog writing has always been somewhat difficult for me since I’m either a huge academic or insanely casual writer. I’m so happy to be getting experience. Speaking of experience, the podcast and blog my friends and I run is getting off the ground. Scheduling is a bit hard, and my time is beginning to be booked beginning to end. Sub-Stances is going to have a business plan and as it turns out – I’m the creator of that? Who knew.

This week I’m also recording a brief podcast about what it’s like to start a business, hopefully to give some of you an idea of where to begin. So that will certainly be fun. There’s only one paper and presentation left to give, and I’ll be home free to focus on the ICC and absentee voting. As such, I’ll keep it short this week and you can definitely expect the book review later today. I’m getting my act together – I swear.

How was your week? Let me know via email or comments 🙂 I love hearing about it!

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