Minor Kitchen Failures: Skyr Omlet and Cottage Cheese Pancakes

As much as I adore making that perfect cake every time or mastering the most delicious frittata, we all have our days where nothing we make seems to go right. Maybe it’s when you use the incorrect baking dish. Or perhaps you think that surely there’s not a reason that 2 tbsp is the amount and not 3/4 cup… Experimentation in the kitchen is probably one of my favourite parts of cooking, other than the eating bit at the end. However, if you go in aiming to make the perfect dish upon your first experimental effort – you should be ready for something other than success.

Over the last week, I tried twice to make recipes that I have read about: cottage-cheese based pancakes and an omelet filled with skyr yogurt. Do they sound a bit pretentious? Maybe. Admittedly, I loved the idea of having pancakes that didn’t have an absurd amount of carbohydrates. And since skyr is practically my life, putting it in an omelet seemed right, especially once I read it supposedly tastes like goat cheese.

Taste-wise – they weren’t incredible. In terms of seasonings, I was feeling a bit unsure because I didn’t really understand the recipe. Don’t get me wrong, I will make them both again. They didn’t taste *that* bad. In terms of blandness, well – that’s a different question. The cottage cheese pancakes actually tasted quite good. It was my usage of a pot instead of a pan that made flipping them a bit difficult (but hey we were out of pans, can you blame me?).

The omelet… where do I begin. To start, I didn’t exactly measure out the 2 tbsp of yogurt I should have used. I had some leftover yogurt so I opted for a 1/3 of the container – which granted may have been more than the allotted amount. Something I found distinctly odd with the recipe secondly was that you put raw garlic inside the yogurt, wrap it with the omelet and that’s it?! I could immediately tell that the garlic was raw and was NOT a fan (although I ate it anyhow because protein is important to incorporate into your diet). But surprisingly the claim that skyr tastes like blended goat cheese is true. If I hadn’t had to deal with those pesky bits of garlic, it would have been fantastic.

As they are kitchen failures, I will not be writing the recipes for you. I’ve linked to them above, but my baby ego dictates that I will only post full recipes that I know taste delectable (or at least aren’t very obvious failures. Give experimenting a try, it only can make you more aware of the ingredients that you cook with. Without trying new things, how would chefs have figured out that we ought to eat fish eggs with crackers or pair together figs and cheese? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Eggs drowning in Skyr
A quick grapefruit break
Dicing garlic by hand is a fun time
Ta-da Cottage Cheese Pancakes
The first attempt…
Prep work
Surprisingly tasty

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