What Happens When You Take a Blogging Break

Every time I take a minute break from blogging: it seems like my life explodes into a thousand different colours and future opportunities. Surely it has been longer than one week since I last blogged. And yet… here we are and I can hardly believe it myself. I have accepted an offer to intern at the International Criminal Court (ICC) on the Investigations and Analysis team. There are still processes and paperwork to be done, but it seems like I’ll be moving to the Hague for 6 months to work on the ICC. *Internal Shriek*

Another couple weeks of school remains, there are papers to write and luckily I’ve found a place to live for the final month before my life moves to the Netherlands. Whew, it seems like May is going to be a sprint to the finish line. If I’m being completely honest, I’m actually really excited about the chance to move someplace alone. Berlin is my life. This city has become home to me, but part of what made me move here originally was that urge to start something new, to be able to restart my health routine, to focus on my mental health and to force myself into situations that are foreign and confusing to me. It’s certainly not the case that I don’t believe Berlin has these things to offer me, but… it’s become comfortable. That being said, comfort is fine. But I want excitement, adventure, butterflies dancing in my stomach as I step outside each day.

The Hague will offer that and much more. I’m excited to find new yoga studios, meet fellow coding junkies at meetups and similarly nerdy politics students. Hard to believe that in just over a month, I’ll be on the go once more.

In other less crazy news, I’m about to be finished with my Career Foundry course. I just have to complete one or two tasks and fix a bug and I’ll be officially “Web Development” graduated! Minus hating myself from time to time in trying to make navigation bars responsive and figuring out exactly how to create immediate notification functionality for comments – it’s been fantastic. I never thought I’d enjoy coding, but I do. I like having to sit and really consider a logic problem and design something that is as beautiful as it is functional. In all likelihood, coding won’t be part of my “larger plan,” but it will without doubt, be a fun hobby to indulge in.

Speaking of other hobbies: cooking is going well. I had two “failures” in the kitchen last week. One: when I tried to make cottage cheese pancakes and, two: when I attempted to make a Skyr omlet. I’ll let you wait until Thursday to get the full story but suffice it to say that not all of my food looks as good as it tastes.

School-wise, I have two papers and an oral presentation left before the end of the semester and I couldn’t be happier. The ICD has been nothing if not instructive. I now totally get how without good organisation, even a great idea can be somewhat horrible. The best thing for me has been the students I’ve gotten to work with. Our blog and podcast isn’t something I imagined doing but now we’ve planned out new posts through October and this honestly feels like something I want to keep doing past our respective degrees.

So like I said: life has lately been insane. I can hardly believe half the things I’m writing now. If anything, I have a lot of content to offer you in the upcoming weeks and months. If you have any questions about the internship or maybe some advice seeking your own young adult life goals, write me a message or comment below.

Wishing you all a fantastic week!

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