Your Weekday Chicken & Broccoli Dish

It’s no surprise that chicken and broccoli are two of my favourite foods. In fact, I’d be shocked if I didn’t at least eat one of the two every couple of days. What’s not to like? You get protein and fiber without even trying. In this “normal” dish, I thought why not throw together something that’s healthy and perfect for the week of Passover and Easter. It’s the kind of dish you can make within an hour easily and can add anything you like. If you wanted to have it with more of a kick, simply add red chili flakes or a hint of salsa or peppers to the mix. Maybe you’re more in the mood for a asian-flavoured theme? Fine – throw in bamboo shoots and some edamame with sriracha sauce. This dish is probably the easiest thing you can make while getting in a lot of macronutrients and making it through your week before the “Big Indulge.” Let me know how’d you adapt in the comments.


  • Chicken (take 100g or take 400g, depends on how juicy you want to make it)
  • Two heads of broccoli, roughly chopped
  • Any extra greens you have lying around? (I had 5 stalks of asparagus I needed to use up)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and Pepper for seasoning
  • Parboiled Uncle Ben’s Curried Rice (Yup, 2 minute rice)
  • 1 can of chickpeas
  • Any other toppings you want
  1. Prepare yourself for one of the easiest dishes known to man. Start by chopping up your chicken, broccoli and misc. greens. As you’re doing so, heat your pan with some olive oil. If you happen to have some lying around (I didn’t), add in some crushed garlic.
  2. As that’s sizzling, you can clean your chickpeas and think about if there’s anything else you want to add. Nope? Okay – add in your chicken and greens and pop the top on.
  3. That’ll take maybe 5-8 minutes, so you can settle yourself near the kitchen with your favourite book or television show. Granted, go back and smell, decide if you want pepper, paprika, cheese (maybe?), hummus, or any other exciting mix you’re thinking of
  4. When the greens are just about barely done (which means your chicken should definitely be done – but check please) – you can gently put the rice in bit by bit, and add about a cup of water – so that there’s about an inch or so of water in the pan – and top back on
  5. Wait another 4ish or so minutes, checking to see how things are going, tasting, testing – being the most amazing internal chef that you are – and deciding if you want to be bold or not.
  6. When it’s ready, you’ll be able to see the rice is done  – turn off the heat and spoon into a bowl. I especially bought red beet hummus and popped it on the bottom of my bowl so that after spooning it all in, I could mix it up andddd I’m not saying it was a great idea or anything, but it’s HIGHLY recommended.
  7. Eat up 🙂

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