Someone Remind Me to Focus

Someone ought to remind me to focus on schoolwork, but if I’m being perfectly honest – I feel like I’ve caught some of kind distraction bug. Granted, school has been somewhat busy. Let’s not forget: I’ve been sick. Excuses abound to no end. But it feels nice to take somewhat of a break. I start my spring break for Easter this week, and I’m beyond ready. Instead of my original Bulgarian plans, I’m taking these couple of days to stay at home and regain my health.

For the past three weeks I’ve been a mess of sniffles & sickness and I am seriously done with it. Part of the issue is my own fault. Every weekend, I almost recover from said sickness and then proceed to go out and destroy my immune system once more. Well – enough. This week I have the time and the patience to prioritise my own body. It’ll be a week of eating healthily, doing lots of yoga and exercise and drinking as much water as is possible each day. (Can you tell I’m super excited?)

Friends of mine had told me how difficult graduate school was in the past, but I didn’t really see it until now. Excessive group projects and papers that aren’t fully explained are only half of the struggle. The other part that’s “difficult” is dealing with how amazing my new friends are. I love that I get to meet new people from all around the world and explore learning new things with them. I may whine on occasion, but overall, it is pretty fantastic.

In other news, I got a paper accepted for the European Consortium for Policy Research Conference in September! Nerdy as always, it’s titled: Nuclear Intergovernmental Fuel Banks – and I get to present it in Oslo! I’m incredibly excited, minus the small small detail that I have to actually write the paper, but who’s concerned about that. I’m actually a professional blogger (or so it feels like) for Bad Yogi, and I have SEVEN posts live.

When things get overwhelming, the easy road is to focus on the stress and panic. Part of me wants to do that. Then again, sometimes I look at everything I’m accomplishing and I think: I’m really proud of myself. Rare as it is, self-love comes in the strangest of ways and in the oddest of times. Creating content for myself and others is something I truly enjoy doing and even though I’m still figuring out what exactly I want to do – this week feels like the renewal I need to get started.

How has your week been? Let me know in the comments!

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