Mid-Semester Sunshine

Believe it or not, it’s finally hit the 50s in Berlin – and I could not be happier (granted this has little to do with the weather and more to do with finally getting over my week of sickness *cough* I mean rest). There’s no other way to put it – last week was rough. I visited three separate doctors and eventually sussed out what illness I exactly had. I’ll redirect you to Brunch Break’s newest episode to listen to what it’s like to navigate the healthcare system in Germany. Needless to say, it was a journey. I still very much appreciate certain aspects of the German healthcare system, but I’ve gained a… perspective for the American one as well.

It naturally helped that I also had my final exam for ‘History and Evolution of Cultural Diplomacy’ last week, and a presentation for ‘International Case Studies.’ Let it not be said that graduate school is easy, people – I have obviously severely misinterpreted what it is to be a graduate student. In other news, I’ve figured out where I’m living next month. Yay! Instead of committing for another six months in my lovely but overpriced flat, I’m trying out living with another person (gasp) for a month and keeping my options flexible. Who knows where I’m going to be spending the summer doing who-knows-what?

Some of my newer Bad Yogi posts are up and running and I couldn’t be more excited! If you’ve ever wanted to know how Hermione would handle a yoga class or why doing yoga and TV has never seemed to work for me – go give it a read. I have the most fun writing articles for them. It’s so refreshing to have a sillier and more relaxed take on yoga than the usual dramatic spirituality.

I am… way behind on working on any sort of coding unfortunately – and I’m ahem a little ashamed. But to be honest, I never expected that I would be spending so much time studying and working on a new exciting podcast with some of my friends. You should totally listen to our latest episode talking about Kurdish identity. Given our spring break is in two weeks, I’m torn whether to spend the week traveling with my friends to someplace warm like Morocco, explore some of my goal cities in Romania or stay at home and finally complete my Ruby on Rails application. We’ll have to see what deals Easyjet has to offer…

What’s also super exciting is that my friend Stephanie and I are starting a healthy challenge for the next four weeks of eating nutritiously and working out. Not that we both don’t hit the gym already, but there’s something exciting about starting a new workout routine with a friend. I’ll keep you updated on whether or not I have the strength to throw out my Karamel-Sutra pint of Ben and Jerrys. It remains to be seen. Keep being awesome friends!

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