Realigning to Positivity

I was reading a blog post the other day about how you serve no one when you focus on the negativity in life (even if your version of negativity is just talking about how busy you are). It sort of got me to pause. Much as I hate to admit it, I do that all the time. My weekly blog posts seem to be a weekly litany of me talking about how little time I have for myself. So I’m making a conscious effort this week and hopefully in the weeks to come about realigning to the positive aspects of my life.

Funnily enough, that’s been particularly hard this week. Instead of posting this Sunday as it was meant, it’s going in place of my normal book post today (Tuesday). Why, you might reasonably ask? Sickness, flu-like symptoms, and watching documentaries until my eyes started to glaze over. Not the most pleasant thing, and by no means am I fully healed, but I can feel my body starting to make a comeback. Yay! I won’t focus inordinately on that, even though every bone in my writing fingers are twitching to complain. But *deep breath* I want to make a serious moment to write in a positive sense about things.

So taking out the largest elephant in the room – what else have I done that I want to share with the world and my readers?

Leftover mashed sweet potatoes (yum)

Probably one of the happiest surprises that I sprung on myself this week was taking Yoga for Cyclists with Yoga with Adriene on Youtube. I haven’t been exactly on my top game concerning meditation and yoga lately – but this video really made me want to refocus. There’s something special about engaging in exercise when you know you aren’t 100%. It forces you to really think about each movement and think: does this serve me? Am I helping or hurting my body by forcing it into this position? It was surprisingly a much more mindful practice than I’m used to enduring.

I mentioned last week, but I’ll mention it again as all of the links are up – my graduate school friends and I have finally started our weekly blog and podcast. We can also be found on practically every social media available. I’m talking Facebook, Instagram, Itunes, Soundcloud, and of course our own blog website. Not I’m not going for a self promo here… but well actually I am. I love working with these girls, and I want to share and let everyone know what awesome content we’re creating!

And speaking of helping people get better visibility. One of my really close friends, Lydia, began her very own podcast! This just reminds me that I also ought to revamp mine… but hey, when there’s such great stuff to listen to on Itunes already – does the world really need yet another one? Her podcast is called: Lesbihonest and is all about her sexuality. It’s a pretty fantastic podcast. Last week’s episode about queer female media recommendations was great – and I notated 500+ down. I have finally caught up and  listened to “Too Gay to Function (Literally),”  I wanted to give her as large a shout out as I could manage!

I shall be updating you with a cooking post on Thursday and next week: I shall be back on top on new book reviews. Hilariously, I actually have read two books this week: but I felt it was more important to get this little post out and about before writing my way into escapist Gaiman fantasies. Until later, guys!

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