Add just a little sunshine

Magically whip up some blue sky, add in deviously sunny afternoons and you’ve got yourself Berlin in March. It’s not exactly what could be described as springtime, but as long as you wear something mildly warm: it suffices. The bits of sunshine make graduate school and nonstop life just a teensy bit better. Even now, as I’m sitting in my favourite BECYCLE/My Goodness Kitchen Berlin cafe – just watching the sun from inside means that I’m smiling obnoxiously at my computer screen like a dork.

Without me noticing, we’re halfway through the month and I can’t decide if I’m thrilled or mildly disturbed that I don’t yet have a new apartment to call my home for April 1st. Let’s just go with the flow and see where I end up in a couple weeks? (That’s my strategy at any rate). To be more honest, I think the reason I’m not stressed about a new apartment is because everything else is piling on at an alarming rate.

Not that it’s a bad thing, of course.  Life was so busy last week, that I actually got around to making a “mug cake.”. I’m sure you’ve heard of the famous college-try mug cake: the perfect way to get a little sugar in your day when you crave a quick sugar cake boost (and are way too lazy to make a cake). Let me tell you: it was delicious. SO good and so easy in fact that I took no photos – and so in lieu of a cooking post, here is the recipe I went for.

There was one fantastic incredible event this week. It was my boyfriend’s birthday. Even though we’re thousands of kilometres apart, I managed to think of the perfect present. I’m planning on visiting him in June for one week! I realise it’s a bit of a double present, since we both get something out of it – but he’s not complaining (and neither am I).

Apologies for being a bit brief this week, friends. I’ve been running up and down the streets of Berlin nonstop and have barely enough time to attend barre classes let alone write blog posts. What have you been doing with your week?

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