Made glorious spring by this sun of schooling

img_5274For at least one Berliner, spring has officially arrived. It isn’t March 21st, but who’s arguing about semantics when it’s finally warm enough to ditch the winter jacket and move to my lighter (and much less bulky jacket). Apparently school has also decided that it’s late spring, because I already have a midterm this Wednesday, and the second conference of the semester to attend this weekend. And so far, I’m not… complaining. I’m a teensy bit stressed about this test, and I’m falling the smallest bit behind on my coding work, but the sheer amount of things on my to-do list is daunting only in that it makes me want to work harder.

img_5250My first Bad Yogi post “Three Reasons I Struggle Teaching Yoga” is officially up on the website – which means I’m absolutely going to claim that I am a freelance blogger (one post is enough in my book). There are many more to come – so expect lots of obnoxious self promo-ing, which I only very slightly apologise for. In other news and ways I’m trying to not drown in cultural studies reading, a group of my classmates and I are making another podcast! I know what you’re thinking: But Gabriella, what happened to that podcast you were supposed to update every other week and you haven’t in a month because you’re slacking off on? Understandable concern. Remind me to update it when I have an inkling of free time again. This OTHER podcast is diplomacy based and focused on interviewing professionals about tons of topics, whether it’s the language of diplomacy or the legal implications of global warming. Yep: it’s cool. Once we’ve got the first episode up and running, I’ll run it on by here so you see what exceptionally professional graduate students get up to in their free time (hint: it’s great).

img_5233Speaking of free time: while we were spending a day podcast-making and studying, we also had a fun brunch and dinner party. You heard right. Hardcore students can have fun and be productive at the same time. On the other hand, I was… not exceptionally good at getting in my yoga this week. Sure, I went to BECYCLE and went to yoga & barre classes – but somehow it doesn’t feel the same as getting up early in the morning and moving through my personal flow. Oh well. I will do better this week.

390c1e9274fab2f49999930eabe69928I’ve decided to set an intention this week of focused self-care. It happens all too often that I like to put myself in stressful situations to make myself grow, and recently: I’ve noticed I need to actively chill. So I’m started this week by asking myself what relaxation means to me? Once I figure out the answer, I’ll let you know 🙂


What are you all doing this week?

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