Black Tea with Milk or… Coffee

When things get stressful, I want to sit down with a cup of tea. The slow mornings that sometimes turn into long sips of coffee and peanut butter toast are beginning to accomplish the same thing. Granted, I haven’t had many of these morning as of late. In a way, the ambition that I love so much can get a bit of hand when I feel the insatiable need to attend a spin class at 7am (which in turn means I have to get up at 6am if I want to do my baby yoga routine). Not that I have any serious problem with this…

I know I wrote last week about how I adore being busy and running from Point A to Point B like a chicken with its head cut off – and this point still stands. I do thoroughly enjoy having class 6 hours a day, staying up to finish readings and trying [read: failing] to complete my coding classes. The moments where it becomes too much are – well, they aren’t fantastic. And forgive my segue-less transition, but I watching a graduation speech by Charlie Day (Creator of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) yesterday. He made a point that I really loved: do what makes you great, not what necessarily makes you happy in the moment. It struck at just the right time. I don’t think I need to be happy all the time, especially if I know that studying the subject that I am and taking the time to focus on skills that I should grow are making me stronger person. Maybe?

Alternative Fact: I go and find videos that reinforce my beliefs (confirmation bias).

Regardless of the fact that school has taken over my life, I am trying to find the time to keep mindful of my mental and physical health. I’m not entirely sure I’m succeeding, but at the very least I can point to lots of moments of happiness throughout the week. I celebrated my friend Bianca’s birthday last night with school friends and hosted my older cousin, Jonathan, last weekend. Some schoolmates and I are planning to co-host a podcast and blog about cultural diplomacy and I’m mostly (not counting the last couple days) doing a steady run of yoga, meditation and mindfulness activities every morning.

It’s exhausting; yes. But life spent idling in my opinion is no life that I’d want to live.

Favourite Quote from Erin Motz (Bad Yogi founder): “The way I see it is, I’m a human being who happens to do yoga but my entire self-image doesn’t revolve around my yoga practice. I want to take advantage of this very human experience with every sense I have.”

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