New Years Start.. a teensy bit late

Healthy breakfasts
Healthy breakfasts

In the days after New Years, the gym is packed. Everyone is determined to complete their New Years resolutions: to be more active, more mindful and actually run a 5K. Usually I am one of those people in the gym, slightly irritated by the influx of new people always using the exact machine that I want. This year… not so much. That’s not to say I haven’t been healthy and active, just not in the usual obsessive way that the New Year warrants.

img_3186For some reason, I started a bit late. All throughout January, I had difficulty getting on track with my nutrition and exercise habits. Chocolate binges were more or less the norm – and I was beginning to get very irritated at myself. So this week, when I finally got around to feeling a bit more… me: it was something to celebrate (and therefore blog about). I’ve been eating better: that has meant a lack of sugar in my diet, and less bread – which is always harder than it appears in Germany. In fact, I’ve made a conscious effort to cook more “weeknight” style meals. That has meant heavy concentration on vegetables and protein and yogurt (the three staples of a healthy lifestyle in my opinion). I’ve loved looking at my Pinterest and finding random recipes to try out and it’s made grocery shopping even more fun than per usual.

img_3543What’s better: I’ve been heavy-core exercising! I made my own yoga challenge (i.e. doing yoga every morning as the first thing I do when I wake up), gone to the gym, and even tried out a Barre class. Sometimes it’s only 15 minutes of yoga, but getting up and making movement a part of my routine has totally changed how I feel. I love meditating for 10 minutes, and especially adding cardio each day along with either arms, legs or abdominals has been a game changer. Saturday morning I tried out a Barre class and while my body still feels like it’s about to die, I feel on top of the world. I’m awake, energetic and in an excellent mood that has buoyed me all week.

It’s easy to fall in and out of being “healthy” – but I’ve found that now I’m back in the habit – I never want to fall out of it. School starts in a week, and another week of this routine I can only imagine will lead to a better more productive school year.


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  1. I know how you feel about the Germany ‘bread’ situation. I think this country runs on bread! I find it really hard too, especially when I see the kids walking home from school with their Butterbrezeln 🙂

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