How do you choose to react?

The past nine days have been nothing but brutal. Since the election of our new President, I wake up feeling sick as I wonder what new horrors the day has brought upon us. What new executive orders has the new Commander in Chief decided to enact? In what way has he chosen to wreak havoc on millions of Americans (not to mention international citizens worldwide) today? Am I not partially responsible for bringing someone into power who seeks to enrich himself while hammering down on America’s free press and ability to do good in the world? Is today the day that I feel the most shame and anger at being an American who was unable to stop this… this President from being elected?

So far, the answer is not yet.

I could spend this weekly post talking about how angry I am. I could write an essay each day on the millions of ways that he doesn’t understand the intent of the founding fathers, and how he is actively causing damage to our democracy (and to be honest, I want to). I want to write furious angry political essays in the style of Alexander Hamilton. I want to ask: how dare he try and make Voice Of America a political propaganda tool when it should be a way for international media to receive a clean-cut non-partisan view of American politics. I want to know: what on earth were you thinking, Mr. President, when you thought that it was okay to tell the Department of Energy that they weren’t allowed to talk to Congress.

Much as I want to, I find myself asking: what will that change?  I’m not sure I want to focus all my efforts on being bitter. How each of us chooses to react to what I see as a massive failure in our democracy and the education of the American public matters. In my opinion, I believe that choosing to react by lashing out at Trump voters solves nothing. It enflames tensions on both sides of the debate, when instead we should be having substantive discussion about what is important.

How you choose to react to this development is your choice. Whether it is by participating in marches, writing Facebook rants, or reaching out to talk to a friend who voted for the new President: that is up to you. Our democracy exists to give people the right to speak up in whatever way they see fit. Personally, I don’t see the point of picking fights. I don’t think violence will solve this, but words have a fighting chance.

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  1. Aunt Ricki says:

    So well written Gab and the last line is oh so perfect. This is the first time that it has been so hard, virtually impossible to have conversations with those friends and/or family who DID vote for —– I don’t even know if I want use my energy in that way. Anyway, yes, it is disturbing and awful, to say the least, what this “president” has been up to since taking office.
    On another more positive note, there is something I want to send you, which you may have already read…but I’ll take the chance. If you wouldn’t mind sending me your address?
    ps. I have thoroughly enjoyed your recipes and terrific writing that goes with’s a challenge: write about and/or make a delicious vegetarian recipe (vegan even?) for all your veggie readers. This is YOUR blog so I totally get it if you do not want to do this. Just an idea…
    Love to you; I’m SO proud of all that you ARE and all that you have done!

    1. Gabriella says:

      Oh please do 🙂 Yes my email has changed and somehow I’m not getting the womonscape newsletters anymore either! :/ And thanks 🙂 Ooh definitely! I actually just made a really good vegetarian soup this week that’s going up on Thursday ^^ my email is and ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I love you too!

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