Back to Berlin

Back in Berlin among the Kebab shops and bone-biting cold wind, I cant help the smile that crosses my face. I’m home again. The last couple weeks of the holidays were spent in Capetown and Durban, two cities as far away from Berlin that I could imagine (13,000 km to be exact).

Exploring new exciting parts of the world with family enlivens me without a doubt. But… there’s something about drinking a warm cup of tea in my best friend’s apartment that warms me down to my toes. That’s not to say I didn’t have the most marvellous time. I saw an entirely new part of the world. Warthogs and giraffes are now two of my favourite animals, not the mention I had quite the fun time exploring the interesting kink scene between Christmas and New Years. Before you ask: yes it was awesome and yes would do again. If there was something that would make me consider taking an 11 hour flight back: it would be that.

img_2156Then again, I love wearing fleece leggings, eating a ridiculous amount of chocolate and joking around with the friends I consider family in Berlin. I adore my flat. I love conducting my daily life conversations in German and having solo-dance parties. If I’m honest with myself, I’m a bit of a homebody. The simple comforts of life bring me the warmest fuzzies (though so does watching YouTube, cuddling and lots of sex). Right now I’m still reveling in all of the new and exciting moments that 2017 has brought… surprisingly it’s already a lot. Certain experiences in South Africa have made me much more confident and explorative than I ever imagined.

img_2171Coming back to this city is like returning to the enclosed arms of a warm hug. I don’t want to let go for one second. But something has changed. Yes. One more thing that South Africa brought me: a new person in my life, of whom I am very fond. I won’t reveal any names (the German notion of privacy must be getting to me) – but somehow I have ended up in a long-distance open relationship. How this happened, I’m still trying to figure out – but he makes me beyond happy.  He says the most lovely things about me and I feel lucky to have met someone who (for some reason) really likes me.

I feel… I feel very happy. God, I sound repetitive. I find myself smiling when a new text message appears. The dull grey winter in Berlin isn’t so bad when I have such an incredible person to talk to and joke around with. I want to talk to him all the time, and the feelings are reciprocated. Agh. It’s the most wonderful feeling in all the world and I want to babble about it (but  I won’t for the sake of you, dear readers).

Book reviews are on schedule for later this week and South Africa photos are on their way. You’ll only have to deal with a sappy sentence or two per week (I promise I shall refrain).  Oh – and happy new year!

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