Christmas Travels and New Beginnings

Now that I’m reading the title of this post again, it’s looking a bit more cliche than I would like. I realise that I haven’t written a “personal” post in quite some time. Excuses, while I do have them, aren’t exactly the way I want to start out: so let me give you some background on what’s been going on in my life.

Christmas Cards Galore!
Christmas Cards Galore!

Since around Thanksgiving, I’ve been deep into the Career-Foundry Web Development course (and by that I legitimately mean I have been spending 5-8 hours on it a day). Even though it’s quite difficult, I love a challenge -and it’s been fun actually having to engage different logical parts of my brain that I haven’t had to in the past. Yay challenges and learning! If you’re interested in the course, I can highly recommend it. I’ve only been active for a month and here’s a portfolio I’ve already built.

Some of my favorite people
Some of my favorite people

Last week, I also taught a yoga class at a cool NGO, Kiron. They help to provide higher education for refugees, and it felt like a great opportunity to give back to a super great organisation. Even though the group was small, I had an amazing time putting together a yoga sequence and playlist. All in all, it went great and I’m so excited to start teaching on a weekly basis next year!

img_0661Beyond that, I’ve been hard at work writing Christmas cards and putting together gifts for those who matter to me most. It’s the first year that I’ve written quite so many cards (I think the total number is something around 40-50), but it gives me a little warm feeling inside whenever I seal a card shut and think of the person receiving it.

Evidently I need a detox
Evidently I need a detox

But you’re probably wondering where I am now, since I did write “Christmas Travels” as the title of the post… right? At this very point, I’m in Capetown (the airport to be exact), waiting for my connecting flight to Durban. For the next couple weeks, I’m doing a great detox-health retreat with my dad before meeting up with the rest of my family in Capetown for New Years. I will be attempting to post my usual three posts per week (baking, cooking and personal) – but if I miss one or two: forgive me the stress of travel. One last thing: have you listened to the latest Brunch Break episode?

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