Election Detox

In the last months, weeks and days leading up to the US election, I’ve found myself feeling… as horrible and not-myself as I have in quite a while. I wake up tired, exhausted and unmotivated to do anything other than wallow. Rachel Maddow’s show lightens me, but only to the point where I want to cry. Where is my country going? When did this hatred reach such a boiling point? How have we reached 2016, two hundred and forty years after independence, only to tear each other apart with vicious and gut-wrenching insults that serve only to tear apart the delicate fabric of our nation?

Surely I can’t be the only one who wakes, often with spells of anxiety and lightheadedness… (at least I hope). In light of that, I’ve taken some time out of the week today to offer up some tips and tricks for keeping it together in the last four days before we choose our newest president.

 Turn off the news


Drink something without caffeine

Read a book

Do some yoga.

Go for a walk outside.

Listen to some music.


Cook something.

Have a dinner party… and have the one rule be that you can’t discuss politics

Drink a lot o water

Go to the library

Light some candles

Watch your favourite Rom-Com (Love Actually)

Take deep breathes

Remember that it’s going to be fine.

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