Rolling Into November

Somehow, today is Halloween. I’m not entirely sure how a month of life has suddenly passed by, but there must be some sort of trickery at work. It is the season, right? It seems like it’s only yesterday that I arrived in Berlin, sorting out bureaucratic details and various memberships (perhaps the most German thing of all). Now, I’ve applied to 135 jobs and I… I sort of have a routine and daily living schedule in Berlin?

Processed with VSCO with s3 presetMy life primarily revolves around German study, job-searching, blogging and the gym. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that – but it’s a mystery how falling back into old habits has a way of reassuring even the smallest problem. Take last week for example: My podcast co-creator and I recorded a full episode of Brunch Break, only to find out that that the recording only took to one side of the audio file. Not the best way to start off the week. But once I gave it a day of pause and daily tasks before handling the situation, it didn’t feel like the largest problem I could be facing. Magic, right?

It continues to amaze and surprise me how much pre-planning makes a difference in my everyday life. I couldn’t imagine my life without the Notes app on my phone or the handy little old-school notebook that has my shopping lists and extraneous pieces of information that will be useful someday. I think I may be starting to sound a bit obnoxious though, so I’ll let the self-help podcast influences fall to the side for now.

img_9835On another note, I so wish I was able to share that my life has more interesting moments than what I’ve outlined above. Unfortunately, I am a creature of excessive habit, who often meanders her way around life by making overly specific to-do lists and spreadsheets. A few upcoming events though are the TestDAF (Deutsch als Fremdsprache) test next week (which I have not prepared for), a couple more interviews and potentially banana bread baking! All in all, a mix of the good and not-so-good.

On the subject of reading and yoga: I have not been doing much of either… but I plan on adding that into the ever-increasing to-do list this week. More recipes and book reviews are making their way to the forefront as well. I’ll try not to let so many weeks go between personal posts next time around! If you have any requests or questions, feel free to contact me on any social media channel that you can find on my blog.

Until next week!

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