Book Review: The Everything Box by Richard Kadrey

25817389Title: The Everything Box

Author: Richard Kadrey

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Humor, Science Fiction, Paranormal

PublisherHarper Voyager

Published: April 19, 2016

Page Amount: 368 pages

Blurb From GoodreadsThe angel reaches into his pocket for the instrument of humanity’s doom. Must be in the other pocket. Then he frantically begins to pat himself down. Dejected, he realizes he has lost the object. Looking over the Earth at all that could have been, the majestic angel utters a single word.
“Crap.” 2015: A thief named Coop-a specialist in purloining magic objects-steals and delivers a small box to the mysterious client who engaged his services. Coop doesn’t know that his latest job could be the end of him-and the rest of the world. Suddenly he finds himself in the company of the Department of Peculiar Science, a fearsome enforcement agency that polices the odd and strange. The box isn’t just a supernatural heirloom with quaint powers, they tell him. It’s a doomsday device. They think. . . And suddenly, everyone is out to get it.

Why Read: Between reading Thomas Jefferson and John Adams biographies, a girl can get drained from the constant American history grind. Reason enough there to read the Everything Box? Yes. Other than that… I love a good book that creates characters out of angels, demons and all matter of supernatural creature and throw them together in a swirl or confusion.

Review: Was there even a question that a mash-up of angels who happen to lose doomsday devices, poltergeists, burglars and a secret government organization who can (mostly) deal with these struggles would be a fun ride? Kadrey knows from the first page that he has your attention, and he doesn’t let go. The first page drags you, the reader, in by the skin of your teeth. There’s a burglary on and Coop doesn’t look like he’s headed for the right side of the law. Oops.

Before you can even count to ten, there’s multiple storylines on the rise, and do you know the names of the characters or even who is serving who? Not really. Every time a new chapter opened, a part of me exhaled deeply – what will it be this time? Anything but what I’d expect. Despite not knowing anything, the plot is buffeted along quickly and it was all too easy to slip into the routine of knowing practically nothing and being fine with that.

Coop as the sort-of kind-of main character is a riot. He’s just wanting some cash, some time and to get out of the game. Who can blame him? Jail time changes a man. None of that luck, his ex-girlfriend sees to that. Not to mention cultists who want to see about to the end of the world, demons who just enjoy tormenting the angel who lost the doomsday device which is in a microwave? Or is it an alternate dimension.

In short: the book is fun. From start to finish, I was caught up in different bunny plots and laughing as the more ridiculous the chapter, the more fantastically hilarious the next. Coop recognizes it, in fact: all of the characters know the world they’re in is just a little bit off (but what can they do about it: subject to the will of the author and all). Laugh-out-loud-funny, take one for the team and read the book? It’ll rock your socks.

Oh favorite quote: “It wasn’t that Coop was particularly arachnophobic, but what he discovered at that moment was that he wasn’t not arachnophobic when covered by a whole army of multilegged, too-many-eyed, alien organisms, some of which he was pretty sure were viewing him as lunch.”

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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