Coming Home to Berlin

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What is home? Can you define home as a place where your family is from? Categorically, yes. I would also hazard a guess that home somehow includes people, familiarity, comfort and somewhere with the potential for growth (both personal and professional). Home doesn’t have to mean one particular set of longitude and latitude points, even if Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz only thinks of her little house in Kansas as she clicks her heels together. If it seems like an unnecessary segue, I’m starting with this vague and potentially excessive paragraph because as of now, home is in flux.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetI will always claim Virginia as the place where I grew up, and as the house where I have my fondest childhood memories. However, I’m not sure that it’s the place where I want to think of as my future home. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was moving to Berlin, and now that strange sentence has become reality. You may check the location on my IP address (I’m using no proxies for now), but I’m back in the city that has so quickly become home.

Processed with VSCO with s3 presetIf you’re wondering what it is I’m doing here, I’m still wondering the same. I’m still spending the majority of my time looking for a job that loves me as much as I love it. German classes, of course, seem to always be in the book and this time is no exception. Podcasting and walking around trying to find purpose in life while exploring the city… yes, if you know me: you will know that has most definitely not changed. Even in the dreary fall weather, there’s new and exciting corners and street-ways to be found here.

img_9594Other things don’t change. Practicing yoga, Brunch Break podcasting, attempting to cook healthy meals and reading as many books as physically possible: those remain. It’s only in a vain attempt at learning German that my English book count has slightly decreased as of late. It’s all part of the grand project: “Who am I?” We all define ourselves differently, whether it’s through work, our hobbies, our friends or what we spend our time doing when there are no constraints. I’m still making a list… trying to see if I’m happy with the things that make up me. For the current moment, I’m satisfied. Who’s to say that won’t change at some point in the future? In fact, it would be a poor reflection of personal growth if it didn’t.

Anyways, let’s shift out of that philosophical black hole (Or expect thousands of words of musing with long run-on sentences).

To head you off with some interesting things, here are some podcasts, books and all around fantastic things you should check out this week that have caught my eye. Keep on reading.

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