(A Decade Later) – It’s Autumn!

Seattle, Washington
Seattle, Washington

That’s right, you heard it here first – it’s fall, autumn, the time of colorful leaves falling, pumpkins, pumpkin-spice lattes, hayrides, scarves, sweaters, cozy reading nooks and halloween. You could say I’ve been waiting for this season since the last time it bade us farewell and you’d be right. Autumn is by far my favorite time of the year… and it’s back.

Last week, I was in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington visiting family and friends and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Let’s just say the weekend devolved into over-caffeination (Starbucks was founded in Seattle), wandering into Powell’s bookstore (a MUST SEE) and a refill on Northwest American friendliness. It was pretty fantastic. I have a couple photos that are going to be posted later tonight and next Monday, but suffice to say: it’s a overwhelmingly beautiful part of the country that I definitely need to visit more.

Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon

Life-wise? My dad and I had a lovely dinner party two weeks ago, where we made some simple chicken with Jamaican Jerk sauce and load of veggies for our guests and it was absolutely delicious. Talk about yum. I’m also finishing up my yoga certification… a year later, and hopefully by next week: I’ll have the certificate to prove it! img_9167

Brunch Break is back in business and lovely as ever with the fantastic Rebecca Wolfe. For at least four days, we’re both in the same time zone and not taking advantage of recording time (funny how things work out). Just wait until you hear the podcast we recorded about the virtues of Founding Father hot-ness. Just wait.

Lastly, this Thursday is official moving day! I’ve signed for my apartment, and registered for more German courses – the only left to do is pack! I know it’s only a few days away, but I’m almost chomping at the bit with impatience… and a bit of nerves. It’s a scary thing to do, to leave your country and set out to see what you can make of the world. Sometimes I find myself lying awake in bed just thinking. It’s like an itch under my skin that I can’t seem to shake, that dual feeling of barely contained anticipation versus a bubble of slightly hysterical laughter. I’m moving to Germany? Alone? Without a job? Just… just like that?

Yes, I am. And it’s terrifying. Mostly exhilarating, but definitely with more than a hit of fear. I have no doubt that I will figure everything out, that I will find something to do that makes me happy and seek it out. For now though, I’m stuck with learning the ropes day by day. Wish me luck because for the third time, I’m Deutschland-bound.

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