Chicken Brussel Sprouts Lunch

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Part of me doesn’t even think this recipe deserves to be called that: recipe. Chicken and brussel sprouts for lunch? That’s just a couple ingredients thrown together and voila: something nutritious and forbiddingly yummy emerges. I’ve been making bowls like this, though, for quite some time and it didn’t hit me until a couple weeks ago that for a lot of people, it doesn’t occur to them how easy and quick it can be to make a lunch like this. So I’m here to give you a rundown of legitimately the easiest recipe in the book that will make your life much easier.


  • Around 4oz of chicken
  • Handful of spinach
  • 8-10 brussel sprouts
  1. Start by dealing with the biggest issue: protein. So you have your chicken. If you’re dealing with a piece of raw chicken breast – toss it in a quick rub (paprika, garlic powder and cayenne pepper and whatever you’d like)- and ovenate for 25 minutes at 400. Alternatively, you can buy pre-cooked chicken…. as I do.
  2. Then you’re dealing with the brussel sprouts. In America, we are the laziest people on the planet and have special brussel sprouts bags that you pop in the microwave for 4 minutes and magically they’re done. If you must though… you may steam them quickly or boil or pan fry (that’s up to you).
  3. Take a bowl: and use spinach as your base. I choose to wilt mine but you don’t have to.
  4. Toss on the brussel sprouts – add the chicken and some extra salsa if you want
  5. Finish in under 10 minutes

Like I said… it’s easy. Way easy. It disgusts me just how little work goes into preparing this dish, especially if you can get the majority of the ingredients pre-done at a grocery store. I would personally suggest this, since it cuts the time on the actual cooking down to under 10 minutes, perfect for the morning prep before the office. On the other hand, if you have some time to kill and want meditate cooking and prep-work to take you someplace? Take your time, and cook with some intent (If you can’t tell, I’m feeling particularly yogic tonight). Also eat with intent (I guess).

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