Crisis After Travel

Processed with VSCO with acg presetYou might be wondering what I’ve been up to for the last… oh say month or so? I’ve not been exactly on point when writing out my weekly vignettes about life, liberty and the pursuit of all of the German chocolate possible to fit in my hands (though I promise, I have tried). Let’s just say, I’ve been busy. Another way of saying that is: I’ve been living life for a bit, and sometimes *regrettably* the internet takes a backseat.

Processed with VSCO with s3 presetI’ve been out traveling and seeing places like Mongolia (I know… I’m still getting over that little bit myself). I left my self-styled home of Berlin and flew stateside, only to realize within 48 hours that I needed to go back to my favorite German city. I wasn’t ready to leave the little community that I’d found in the last couple months – and luckily for me, US citizens are allowed in Germany for up to 90 days without a visa, so I can find a job (or at least that’s the plan). That doesn’t mean I’m leaving immediately. Nope. Somehow, I’ve finagled myself trips to Bali, Portland and potentially Arizona in the next two months before I head back to the Europe I know and love.

IMG_7065It seems crazy that I’m changing plans that were set in stone a year ago. I was so excited to go into academia, and commit myself to learning nothing but eastern Europe for two years. Somehow though, once I made the decision – I felt lighter. It wasn’t as though it would have been a burden to study in London and live in Poland, but going back to Berlin and finding actual jobs and living in a city I’m comfortable with – there’s nothing I’d rather do right now.

IMG_7076Otherwise than life crises and changing plans? I’m back in Virginia and you know what that calls for? Running errands. Nonsense like renewing my license and doctor appointments are probably my least favorite part of being home, but at least it adds a certain stability in forming a routine. Oh side note: I did see Hamilton, which was amazing… and has completely altered the course of my life. Not to mention, my friend made a delicious dinner and salad which will come up in a couple weeks on the cooking side of this blog, so prepare yourself for serious avocado, curry and halibut noms.

I’ll catch you up on all things Gabriella next week week, dear reader. Until then!

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  1. asthaguptaa says:

    That’s lovely to read! Glad I stumbled upon your blog 🙂

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