Book Review: The Baby by Abigail Barnette (#5)

21800443[1]Title: The Baby

Author: Abigail Barnette

Genre: Romance, Erotica, BDSM, Adult Fiction, Contemporary

Publisher: Self-Published

Published: November 10, 2015

Page Amount: 281 pages

Blurb From Goodreads: When life unravels, someone has to wind it up again. Sophie Scaife has found herself in such a position one time too many. She should be celebrating a new year and bountiful success; instead, she’s trying desperately to hold her world together as it tears apart. But in the wake of Neil’s greatest triumph comes a staggering life change neither of them are prepared for. Overnight, Sophie finds herself in a new reality, wholly unlike the life she’d planned. As emotions run high, Sophie struggles to reconcile the husband she cherishes with a man she no longer knows; a man she loves too much to let go without a fight…

Why Read: I think the answer to this is fairly obvious. After the lull of the third book (so to speak), and the dramatic drama of the fourth… I was prepared for something less life-and-death. Reading the summary of this book and just by the title itself, I was a bit confused. Sophie is very anti-baby. Why would it be called “The Baby”? It definitely had to do with Emma… but I’ll stop myself short of revealing any spoilers.

Before you read the review, please be aware there are mentions of suicide and this sentence serves as a trigger warning.

Review: Sometimes it can be fun to read books that don’t mentally challenge you as a reader. War and Peace is not the first book I turn to when looking at my TBR, and certainly the slew of presidential biographies can get a bit exhausting. Romance, though, presents a different sort of challenge, especially when it comes to this series. Instead of focusing on the banal edges of a BDSM relationship, Barnette continues to hit me with horrific life-changing struggles for Neil and Sophie. The Baby may not be particularly hard from a mental perspective, but emotionally? You’d be hard pressed to find another book that rips you apart like this one does (no innuendo intended).

I’ve mentioned this in other reviews of this series – but the character development in this series in nothing short of spectacular. The main protagonist, Sophie Scaife, has grown enormously as a character from the beginning of the series. In this book, she steps up the plate in a way that she could never have done in the earlier books. Observing that as a reader was enormously rewarding, despite all of her flaws (and trust me, there are many). Neil… Where can one start? It’s difficult to give you an overview of all of the emotions I have without entirely spoiling the book. I will simply leave you with this: Sophie’s growth as a character can only be matched by Neil’s own regression into a very difficult place. Even writing about this brings a little tear to my eye, because… in all of the eloquent phrasing I have at my disposal: FEELINGS is all I can write.

The pace of this book continues to be just quick enough to allow a breather between chapters before the plunge back into horror continues. That seems weird to write as I’m staring at a picture of the cover. As with all of her books, Barnette has this way of wrapping characters into your heart and then summarily tearing apart their lives. This book is no exception. In my minds eye, I can picture the scene that renders asunder Neil and Sophie’s lives playing out. Other events that play out…. later (aren’t you so happy I’m so spoiler free?) are even worse. It… It might be the most emotional book in the Boss series yet, and if you’ve read any of the other ones – you know that’s not an easy feat to beat.

You should read this. You should also read this whole series. Since this is the last book in the series as of yet, I’m done with these reviews for now – but that shouldn’t stop you from going out and reading all five of them (along with Barnette’s other books) – regardless of what kind of reader you are.

Rating: 4.7/5 Stars

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