Book Review: The Bride by Abigail Barnette (#3)

18850141Title: The Bride (The Boss #3)

Author: Abigail Barnette

Genre: Romance, Erotica, BDSM, Contemporary, Adult, Fiction

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services (I.e. Self-Published)

Published: March 24, 2014

Page Amount: 397 pages

Blurb From Goodreads: After a tumultuous year, Sophie Scaife’s relationship with her boyfriend and Dom, billionaire media mogul Neil Elwood, is hotter and happier than ever. His sizzling Dominant side pushes Sophie to new and challenging heights of submission and erotic exploration as she follows her Sir’s every whim. But with his daughter’s impending wedding and a milestone birthday turning Neil’s thoughts toward settling down, Sophie faces a much different future than she’d planned. Caught in a conflict between her new wealth and her desire for independence, Sophie fears she’s becoming just another Fifth Avenue trophy wife. With her fashion journalism career over and her new effort as a writer uninspiring, Sophie has to work harder than ever to prove her intentions to Neil’s family and friends.

Why Read: I’ve said it before and I will say it again: I rarely write separate reviews for series. It seems a bit obnoxious to write the about the same characters when I already know the author and I trust them… but there’s something about this series. I would call it a guilty pleasure, but I feel no guilt at all in telling as many people as I can about this fantastic series.

Review: Where can I start when it comes to talking about my newest and continuing obsession with a well-written bdsm romance novel? It almost feels like I’m lost for words. After the whirlwind of a second book, The Bride comes along with a breath of fresh air. There are problems.. but then again, with Sophie Scaife and Neil Elwood – there are always issues. Age, independence and the pesky fact that she’s practically broke while he’s a multi-billionaire.

What was perhaps a little disappointing and simultaneously nice was the lack of anything overly dramatic. There were moments of drama between the ex, Valerie, and Sophie as per usual. There was the issue of… multiple weddings and other *spoiler* drama that takes place – but compared to the cancer debacle of the second book – they seem like easy hits. Sophie and Neil should have no problem at all dealing with these small and ultimately non-fatal issues… But where would the fun be if there wasn’t some hot make-up sex, all of the BDSM scenes you could want and high drama?

Like I’ve said in previous reviews, and I will repeat: this book is for people looking for a good time and who can’t read the horrific erotic romance novels normally out for sale in the airport. It is written well (shockingly so) and each character has a mind of their own. I don’t find myself getting irritated at Sophie for her decisions, because as a reader- you understand her motivations and why she feels the need to act in exceedingly STUPID ways. Neil is a bit harder to understand since you are reading from mainly Sophie’s perspective – but that’s what makes the whole series so interesting.

To the best part of the review: the sex scenes. The whole book may be a bit on the light side when it comes to death-defying drama, but thankfully the author does not skimp on the sex scenes. As per usual, the BDSM scenes are nothing if not riveting. I will never complain about having to hide my Kindle in shame on the train – it’s all part of the fun (right?). They are steamy as can be, and if only for those scenes alone – you should read this. Nothing like a good romance book to make your night a bit better off, especially if you’re in bed alone.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

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