Caught From Around the Web

In lieu of anything especially exciting this week (minus my dad visiting… but I’ll get to that later), I’m doing a quick roundup of some of my favourite blog posts, recipes, and anything that I think you all might find interesting. Let me know if this is something you’re into and I’d be happy to do more 🙂

All of the Foods

You all know how I feel about my Food52 account and how much I adore this website. When I’m not actually cooking in the kitchen, I find myself scanning this website for new recipes and tips to use in my every day life. This egg curry spoke to my SOUL, and that is no exaggeration – because it combines the delicious flavours of curry and the glory that is eggs. Not everything can be healthy… and the ability to make “ice cream” without excessively going through freezing steps – let’s just say I will be making this asap. Certainly not delegated to last on purpose, this tapenade looked and sounded a bit like heaven. I wasn’t even aware how tapenade was even made (because taste buds passed me down slightly in the genes).

Attempting to be a Fitness Junkie

Health is something I take very seriously… which is why I spend the majority of the week frantically trying to figure out what exercise is the “BEST” for my abs (even though I know spot training doesn’t work) and googling new routines. Logically, I know I should stop – but there’s something incredibly rewarding about setting the stage for change. Inspirational quotes? Got them here.

Quarter-Life Crisis

Working in Germany at a large multinational corporation with over 800 people has clarified some things for me. I can’t do this whole corporate business thing. To clarify, I could, but I don’t think it is what would make me happy with my life or my own choices. I’ve been researching entrepreneur tips, and how to develop something that you are passionate about. In search of that – I absolutely adored Creative Boom and all the different articles (but especially this one linked below). MindBodyGreen helped me along too with some questions. How can we figure out what we love? How do we change our lives to focus around what we find important? And as part of my quarter-life crisis, I often myself eating horrifically. This doesn’t happen *too often, but I couldn’t help but click on this article, saying what not to do on a bad day. (I’m sure we all know what it will say).

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