Utterly Lacking in Content? Or Is It Just Summer.

Sometimes I ask myself, scratch that, I am constantly asking myself: where does content come from? How do I write interesting things that keep both me and these strange creatures called “readers” entertained? How do popular bloggers that I follow seem to always have things to talk about, whether it’s trying out a new recipe or exploring an exciting new location? I still don’t really know… Human sacrifice comes to mind. As a visualization exercise, I’d like you to now picture me agonizing over things to post (full tears running down my face, falling to the ground, clutching towards the air in surrender as the air fades from my lungs in horror, etc.).


Much as I’d like to say my hiatus of two week is because of my utter lack of content creation power, I don’t want to lie on the Internet (because who does that?). It might be the summer breeze getting to me. Nights coming home after work consist of me thinking that yes, I could try a new recipe… I could also read my book… alternatively, I could go over to a great apartment and hang out with some fairly fantastic people (and do none of the above).

IMG_5864Somehow, it seems I’m always choosing the last option. Thankfully, I just came back from a weekend Malta trip that was absolutely incredible and slightly inspired me to not forget about how much I love adventure. I love cuddling as much as the next person, and I love the easy-going people in Berlin more than anything- but I can’t let my favorite blog fall to the side!

IMG_6058So thanks Malta. You’ve not only inspired a photo post, travel post, and four book reviews.. but you’ve also gotten me off my butt. Mongolia is just around the corner, and there’s barely enough time to live Berlin to its potential before then! In the next weeks, expect all of the above, and if you have any fun ideas for things to do in Berlin – write me in the comments or send me a private message.

Until Wednesday!

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  1. Heather says:

    I can never think of anything new to write either. But I’ve given up trying – being a creature of habit and writing a variation on the same things over and over again makes blogging life easy and low pressure (she says upon returning from her own two week hiatus).

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