Practically Disturbed it’s June

Feelings about June
Feelings about June

Today would normally be a day where I’d be preoccupied being a busy little bee at work, typing quickly away on proxy analyses and researching boring white old men and their lack of independence. Luckily, today and the rest of the week are taken up by my “Abschluss Seminar” for my fellowship program. For the non-German speakers, Abschluss basically means end – because somehow, my year in Germany is already coming to a close. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been living here since August 2015. Throughout my whining and sad musings on life in the wintertime, now that it’s June – I can’t bring myself to want to leave. Of course I’m excited for graduate school and for a new phase of my life to begin. Naturally I’m ready for new adventures… but it feels like I’m leaving Berlin too soon.

Processed with VSCO with s3 presetI finally have a really fantastic group of friends, a solid cooking routine and somewhat… of a good workout plan. Just looking at my past week- I couldn’t have imagined what a great situation I find myself in back in October or January. I cooked my dad’s famous frittata recipe for my friend after she had a rough day. My friend living in Munich visited me this week, and we had one of the better brunch experiences that I’ve lucked out on since moving to Europe. While cat-sitting, I was given the chance to cook some chicken for the first time in a couple months. Spoiler Alert: It was delicious. I’ve finalized plans to travel to Mongolia and Bali this summer. My fingers keep moving to pinch myself because I can’t believe all of this is possibly real.

Admittedly, I haven’t been up to my usual reading standard nor my yoga scheduling. Somehow spending time with people whose company I really treasure makes up for that? I still read, just at a much slower rate – and yoga? Well… I can’t lie and say I’ve been – but the feeling of content-ness that I used to rely on from class, I’m still feeling. Most mornings, I wake up with a smile on my face. I fully comprehend how lucky I am to be living in Berlin, and I intend on using my time left in the best ways possible. 🙂

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