Three Books of the Week

CaptureIn case it hasn’t sunk in yet, I’ve been an absolute menace lately when it comes to getting my reading in. It’s probably the weather, or sudden abundance of friends – but as I pointed out last week – I have not been *ahem* up to my normal reading standards. I have been trying to make a difference this week – but I’m not entirely finished with a book yet! (So don’t expect a review) In lieu of that, I’m giving you some thoughts on the three books that I’m embroiled in. Before you ask, yes, I have been reading during work, and yes, these are the correct and unashamed life decisions of a young professional.

25667389[1]The Yid by Paul Goldberg

How I found it: I must have bought this book a couple months ago, because while scrolling through my ever-increasing Kindle book list on the cloud – I came across it. It sounded like something I would buy… plots surrounding a fantastical and absurdist Stalin assassination, crazy Jewish theatre people and hilarious dialogue? Sign me up. I redownloaded it during work hours yesterday and as they say, the rest of my time at work is history…. fantastical Russian history that is.

How things are going: I’m currently about halfway through this read and it’s…. well, it’s different. I absolutely love all of the random Russian phrasing and the insane amount of violence somehow contained in its pages. The characters are not exactly easy to relate with, but in this case – Goldberg makes it so that you don’t want to relate to these crazy people. As a reader, you just want to hold on for the ride! Definitely highly recommended even though I’m only halfway through!

21416690[1]The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman

How I found it: Lucky me, publishers on NetGalley seem to somehow consider my reviews useful? I picked up on Invisible Library last week, looking for some distance from all of the American History books and non-fiction reads that had been taking over my life. This book sounded like everything I wanted too. Young adult fantasy reads about books and mystical libraries were right up my alley in elementary school – and well, nothing has changed since then (and I doubt it ever will).

How things are going: I have technically finished this. Yesterday in the early bird hours of the night, my bloodshot eyes finally were able to close. The reason, however, that the review isn’t posting today is due to some publishing nonsense about posting as the book comes out, and not a couple weeks beforehand. So in the meantime, this brief paragraph will have to suffice. The Invisible Library is awesome. Seriously, there is sometimes nothing better than a short foray into fun realms that stretch belief and bamboozle science  (and of course also have to do with books).

Would I say this book is for everyone? Probably not – the characters aren’t fully formed in a lot of senses, and enjoyable as it was… there’s some suspension of belief that as a reader, I felt had to occur. Nevertheless, it takes a book sometimes to take your mind elsewhere and focus on imaginative little joys and this book definitely did that for me.

The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

How I found it: Sometimes I feel the need to go into Goodreads and simply browse and add more to the ever-disheartening TBR list. Most of the time, I go to the “Book about Books” section and this book happened to catch my eye. First key that I wanted to read it: Time Travel. Second Notice: Literature is apparently alive somehow. They’ve hooked me almost immediately, and part of me just wants to put down the Yid and begin this instead!

How things are going: I have yet to begin this sadly, but it’s waiting impatiently for me on the Kindle. I am so excited to read a book like this again. Fantasy novels seem to fall in and out of fashion, depending on what my reading tastes are at any given moment – so it’s all the more exciting to take a step back into science fiction and speculative passages that I know I will love. After all, there’s nothing like a jump into the past to rejuvenate a flagging urge to read.

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  1. Heather says:

    I read The Eyre Affair a few years ago and thought it was a fun read – apparently it’s part of a series (I think). I hope you like it!

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