What am I turning into? (Alien Replicate Asking)

Where do I start? My first weekly post in two weeks and it suddenly seems as though I’m at a loss for words. What could I write that can possibly express how happy meeting people has made me? Warmer weather, sunny skies and fantastic friends are the medication for an illness that I didn’t even realize existed. I struggle with framing the right sentence or the perfect phrase because all I can do is smile, be happy, and wait for the weekend to bring something more. What a delightful skill for a blogger to have picked up.

Enough with the dramatics. Part of the reason for this post coming early, if at all, is because I ran out of early book reviews to schedule in advance. I realize that may sound…. horrifying, and that I’m being slowly replaced by an alien replicate of myself. No? Maybe that’s just me then. In the interest of being candid, I will admit that my reading habits have been absolutely awful of late. I’ve been a bit preoccupied…

Maybe it’s time to return to books more suited for the train? Is this my life telling me that I had better return to the guilty pleasures of romance and airport adventure reads – it could be. I’m not too sure that my normal American history nerdism can be sustained without taking a break here and there anyhow. Lucky for me, I have a friend and a podcast to chit chat about nonsense with (including American history excitement) – so the current lack of books isn’t particularly troubling.

I think it might be Berlin. The city has this intoxicating scent that keeps pulling me towards something different. I can’t focus on work, and journalism classes seem dry compared to going out with new friends and exploring a new exciting side of Berlin (with people, wow) that I haven’t seen so much of. This is not to say I won’t be attempting to post my two usual book reviews for next week or the casual cooking posts. It’s more… a warning that in case of a week-long vanishing act, you know what’s going on.

How have all of your weeks been? As unproductive/super-amazing-great as mine have been? 🙂

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