Sloth on.


Can I just say how exhausting my quota of posts is becoming? Two book reviews a week is one thing, but an additional three recipes is an entirely different breed of animal. This is not to say I don’t love writing recipes and sharing all of my cooking adventures, for good or bad ends, with you, my dear readers.

But I’m getting off topic. Let me refresh. Last week was the high point of my attempt to imitate a sloth. I think I did fairly well. That’s right. I worked out a grand total of twice; I ate horrifically large amounts of matzo and peanut butter, and I I accomplished almost none of the things on my to-do list.

What can I say?


To be perfectly candid, I’m not all that sorry. During the week, I lamented every morning that I slept in and ignored the Obama memoir sitting guiltily near to my bed. Come Monday, though, the five am sun greeted me with an altogether different attitude. So what? My body needed a break, and I acceded to its demands. Now I’m back and better for it. My motivation to prepare for summer nights in Bali and Mongolia has increased maybe tenfold. Maybe this is from listening to self-help podcasts and making a schedule, but I think it’s from allowing myself a week of utter laziness.

Just imagine that since Sunday, I’ve completed 3/5 requirements for my Journalism Certificate, finished that damn memoir, and currently I’m 3/3 for the gym. I even rewarded myself for an especially productive Monday by buying smoked salmon for dinner. I’m a vegetarian at home, remember? It’s amazing what only a week can do.

How was your week? Tell me all about it in the comments so we can talk about how peanut butter is basically ambrosia and look out for a new episode of Brunch Break this Friday!

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